Lady Shay
Naked, unwashed, unpedicured feet!!
Naked, unwashed, unpedicured feet!!

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Look at my feet! Do you see how dirty they are? I havent washed them, they smell, they need a pedicure so bad and the are full of cornea. I know you wanna smell them, you are getting so excited. Their absolute unperfection turns you on, you love dirty, smelly, unpedicured feet. Especially my feet, they are so beautiful and so close to your face. Just imagine i rub them all in your face, put my toes in your mouth, let you lick my dirty sweaty soles, let you taste them!! Mmmm yes, that drives you insane doesnt it?! Putting your cock between my feet and jerking it off, teasing it, edging it over and over again until i finally allow you to cum all over my feet...mmmmmh you cant resist!!