Lady Shay
Hooked to my ass
Hooked to my ass

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Nobody can resist my perfect ass!! I know it s your deepest desire to be real close to my ass! It´s so perfectly round and thick and you wish nothing more then to be allowed to lay under it, sniff it, feel it, even taste it! Maybe i let you live that fantasy but of course my way!!! I will tie your head into this cute litte pvc pants right to my ass!! There is no way out for you once i have your head locked in there, no escape!! You will be so close to my ass that all you can breathe is the scent of my perfect booty. I might even fart on you just to make you suffer. It is so easy for you to ass smother you, to sufficate you with my big cheeks. I know this is what you been dreaming of all your life!!!