Lady Shay
Farting on Marshmallows
Farting on Marshmallows

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You are so crazy about my perfect big booty!! You love it when i let out these loud stinky farts, that just makes you wanna press your nose right between my thick ass cheeks and inhale the smell of my ass. Just imagine i sit on your face and let loose!! I am so gassy and it feels so good using your face as my fart pillow!!! You are so addicted to my farts that you would do anything just to be allowed the sniff them! Now you will be able to taste my ass!! These marshmallows are stuck between my ass cheeks right at my a**hole and i just keep ripping some loud smelly farts right on these marshmallows. They will definitely take on the taste of my farts and guess what!! You will eat all of them and you so gonna enjoy it!!